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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Do you ever just day dream about things? I do. I day dream about laying down in the sand, soaking up the sun in the Caribbean and looking up into the clear blue sky. Then I remember I have a life and a family and it brings me back to earth. Don't get me wrong it's not a downer by any means, I love my life and family. I'm just saying it's okay to get the wanderlust and day dream about all the traveling you want to do.  It's just a different kind of happy. 

These day dreams keep me alive inside though. They keep me working towards what I hope will come, Gods grace given. I was talking about summer goals in my last post but now I want to talk about life goals. Obviously I want happy and functioning children but after they grow up and move away what will we have planned? 

My sister and I talk about owning our own shop together. She doesn't know it yet but I want to call it Second Runnings. Second running is the second use of grains in the beer brewing process. Which is fitting since we hail from Grand Rapids, MI aka Beer City USA (2012-2013). It will be a boutique with locally made clothes and craft items. Along with antique's hand picked by myself. We'll sell candles, unique toys and gag gifts. It will be the kind of shop you'll love to just visit and take a walk around.
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Matt and I want to own property up in Baldwin. It's not the most prospering area in Michigan but it holds a lot of significance to us. We both grew up around there. We spent summers there and learned life lessons. I grew up moving around a lot and Baldwin was one of the first places I felt like I belonged to. It was the only stationary place I had in my life and it came with a long history. If you know anything about me,it's that I cherish histories. 

I want to travel, often. Every summer, or maybe winter. I don't know yet. I want to travel through the Rockies, Ireland, and visit my birth place Heidelberg, Germany. I want to experience the world and all sorts of cultures and I'm excited to do it in time.

I've never been a person to get into a rut so maybe I'll just change it up all the time. I just know I wont be tied down in one spot because I have to be. I'll come back home because I want to be.

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