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Monday, March 16, 2015

How Chickens even Came About.

               How this all came about is how all good things usually do; with one comment leading to another, leading to an action and so on. My husband and I always had the dream of living in a rural setting. We talked about all the acres of land we would end up on and all the animals we would invest in. At the time, these talks took place in a suburban house, with a modest backyard and one too many spying neighbors. It felt confining to be so close to another house and the constant humming of traffic was always in the background. I do miss being able to get to the store so quickly but it's probably better on my wallet if I don't have that kind of access.
              We are far off from those talks but we do live on a little over an acre and are surrounded by farmed fields. We get to enjoy 100 acres of scenery with out all the upkeep. What we do have is a little piece of paradise in the middle of Alto, MI and couldn't be happier. Even after moving we wouldn't get the chickens for another year and a half. We had talked about it but at that point it was just talk. 
              What the driving point of this project was my husband. I had stopped eating meat for an entire month after watching this documentary called Food, Inc. If you never want to eat again please treat yourself to that movie. I was about 7 months pregnant at the time with our second child and my husband had a sit down heart to heart with me. I was essentially told that I couldn't just stop eating meat in the middle of a pregnancy.  We didn't know enough about how to safely get me through a pregnancy without it effecting the baby. He suggested that after Lucas was born we would start with raising the chickens.... HA!
             Me in my pregnant mind only saw dollars signs, and with maternity leave coming soon I couldn't even think of spending that much money. SO! we went on to agree that he would build the coop.... double HA! I, as per the usual, was being sarcastic when I complied with this. I had been asking my dear husband to build shelves against the wall in the basement since we moved in ( and are still to this day barren). So naturally I thought there was no way he would actually build a coop. Honestly I had begun to think he was all talk about being able to build anything!
             Well sure as shit, he really built the thing. I told him he couldn't spend any money while doing this also. So he used pallets. Oh how my man can be very resourceful when he wants too. The coop is not too shabby looking for being built in my garage, during the middle of winter and entirely out of pallets. That was just the beginning of my journey navigating through the world of chickens.

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