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Monday, March 30, 2015

A Tried and True Refocusing Strategy

               Oye Vay I Say! Being a student is hard! Yes I am complaining but it's true! I find when I'm getting good in one area of my life it's because I'm lacking in another. This week I was feeling like I was spending much more time with my husband and kiddos, and then BAM! I did bad on my Chemistry Exam. I didn't fail mind you but the grade I got still bothers me.

  I have four weeks left of this semester and I need to hunker down and refocus. 
The question is.... How?
Am I being too focused in an area of my life that I could let go for just four more weeks?
Perhaps the house? Maybe the blog? The thing is I love the blog. The idea of writing all my thoughts down makes my mind more open. Whether someone's going to read it or not.

Maybe my problem is balance. I try to perfect one thing too much and I loose focus of the bigger picture. SO, what is my big picture right now?

 Passing with an excellent grade this semester, of course!

I remember using a strategy a teacher told me about the first time I went through nursing school. Give yourself a little lee-way. Focus for 15 minutes, then go do whatever pressing thing that's nagging at the back of your mind. Do something quick, like changing the laundry; or for bigger projects do them in steps. Don't spend more than 10 mins away from your studying. 15 minutes on, 10 minutes off. It worked wonders and it will work for me again.

What kinds of re-focusing strategies do you use?


  1. Can we take a moment to talk about that chicken? but yes refocus!! I have a hard time focusing & than the stress comes on and I am like a crazy person!! It seriously drives me nuts, I always say tomorrow will be better & sometimes its way opposite!

  2. Isn't she hilarious? I was working on an English essay and she hopped right up there! lol. Yes some days there just isnt any time or any motivation either! The 15 on:10 off helps on those sorts of days! Thanks for taking the time to read :D