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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Start Spring with a Fresh Look in Your House.

 Spring has finally sprung and I'm looking for a change! Something fresh and new to catch my eye. I have quite a bit of antique wood furniture. I don't much like painting it for several reasons. While I can appreciate the way an antique distressed dresser looks, I can't get over the fact that in the process of making something look cute you destroyed something that has a classic, timeless look. After painting and distressing something you can't always restore it back to the original. So I leave the distressing for newer furniture that catches my eye.

I currently have 4 antique dinning room chairs. I inherited them from my Busha (That's polish for Grandma.) She was a beautiful and wonderful women. I was blessed enough to get be able to call her my Godmother as well as Great Grandma. Luckily I have a few pieces of her here with me in my house, the chairs being one of the them. They look like they have been reupholstered before with a dark brown velvet cloth. While this does look nice I want something bright and fresh to contrast against all the wood I have going on in my house.
This is the original chair. 
 You Start by taking the seat off. This one Unscrews from the bottom
I need a flat head screwdriver ( not pictured) to take the seat off my chair. 
Along with :
Your choice of cloth ( I needed 1 and a quarter yard)
Staple Gun
and Needle Nose pliers to take the old staples out. 

The original measurement for the seat was 23" x 26" which is a smaller size seat than they usually make today. I had purchased much more cloth than that. I folded the cloth into quarters and cut along the edge.

 Than I placed The seat in the center of the cloth and started stapling the cloth around the bottom. Make sure to pull tight! I had to redo the first one because it wasn't tight enough!

This is such a quick and easy DIY trick to put a little spring into your house. It maybe took a couple hours with interruptions from kids and husband ;)


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  1. Beautiful!!! I love simple projects like this. The spring always inspires me to clean and redecorate! :)))