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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Get Sent Away

What's better than receiving roses on mothers day? Getting sent away on Mother's Day! No not to jail, but rather on a little mini trip. This year my hubby sent me to Chicago with  one of my very bestest friends to have a girls weekend. This was a genius gift, if I do say so myself. While he did send me away for the weekend, we both had to agree on a budget. I only had an allotted amount of money to entertain myself with, so we had to keep this fun but cheap! 

First off I'd like to introduce you to While this type of traveling might not be for some, it certainly was for us. It's a sight where people "rent" out their spare bedrooms just like a hotel room. It's cheaper than a hotel room and you get so much more than what a hotel can offer you. Our particular hostess was very friendly and accommodating. Chicago makes Grand Rapids look like Mr. Roger's neighborhood so I was a little apprehensive when we first got there but our hostess, Shaun, set my mind at ease. She also helped us navigate the bus routes to the places we were trying to get to. Well lets be honest, she did all the work. She told us what bus to take, where to walk and how to get back. Which saved us money because I would have just given up and called a cab.

Friday was wet and rainy so my friend and I did what any normal girls would do. we got in comfy clothes, opened the curtains to watch it rain and drank some delicious beers. 

The next day we took our time getting ready... yes! TOOK OUR TIME! I didn't have to worry about getting two kids ready or getting upset because my husband wasn't helping me get two kids ready. All I had to do was worry about my damn self. It.... was..... Glorious. I took a long hot shower then just puttzed around. Eventually we got restless so went to Starbucks and sat around for a couple hours drinking coffee and chit chattin'. As boring as this may sound, you don't really realize how much you miss being bored, until you have kids.

We went back to our room, got a little more dressed up and started making our way down to a comedy club. I highly recommend this place while your on a budget. It was $20 per person but at the door you can roll a six-sided die and what ever number it lands on, you get that money back!! Woo Hoo! We watched the long time running (est 1988) show of "Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind"

.... yeah I don't get the title either but we nearly pissed our pants the whole time. 30 skits in 60 minutes, totally worth the trip and the money.

Went to the bar afterwards and made it home at the very late hour of 3am.

 The next day we geeked it up at the Museum of Science and Industry for about 5 hours. We paid about $24 each person for this but it took a good chunk of our time and we didn't even get through the whole thing. It was $22 for parking, which did take me by surprise, so that came out of my extra cash. The up side to the parking fee was there were several restaurants nearby, so we left and had brunch before actually going into the museum.

All in all, great idea hubby! I recommend every husband do this at least once. There were plenty more things that I had planned on doing that were either free or cheap but just didn't have the time! Please check out this link if your thinking of visiting Chicago!
It gives real insight from locals on the hidden gems that the government paid tourist website doesn't tell you!

Where would you like your hubby/ S.O. send you?


  1. I would love if my man would send me to Florida or California lol

  2. YES! If you go to Cali, take me with you!

  3. Looks like you had a really fun weekend with the girls! Such a nice present! I have always wanted to go to Chicago, its on my list of places to see! Thanks for the great tips!!

    1. No problem! I think I want to go to new york for my next trip :)

  4. How fun is this! Glad you had a great time