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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Things I've Learned Along the Way

"Little town full of little people, waking up to say 'Bonjour!'" .....I'm feeling nostalgic today. Beauty and the Beast is by far my favorite Disney movie. I remember the first time I saw it, Belle was so adventurous and free spirited. I knew that was exactly who I wanted to be and didn't have the want for a small life. I was going to get out and  and see the world. Well that little girl did grow up and she did move away but quickly realized being away from family and friends wasn't as great at it seemed. 
Being adventurous wasn't quit the definition I had imagined. It was hard being out there alone without the support of your family. After about a year away, I came back home to Grand Rapids. I had to re-group myself and figure out where I was going. I couldn't exactly travel if I didn't have any money and I'm not the type of person who goes about things unsafely. (meaning I wasn't going to hitchhike my way around the country). While I was re-grouping I had a baby, started nursing school, got married, bought a house and had another baby. So here it was, right in my face. Living exactly what Belle hadn't wanted for herself. What happened to that little girl who wanted "adventure in the great wide somewhere"? 

I found out that a simple life wasn't so bad after all. That adventures don't have to take place so far away from home and being a mother has been my greatest adventure by far. It's been the pleasure of my life.

That you can't really go places without knowledge or money. I do still want to travel but all of that will happen in good time. After I finally finish school and we pay off our debt (#DaveRamsey) it will finally be our time to occasionally wonder off the beaten trail.

That you can't fly with your feet on the ground but also that flying around without knowing what direction to take is not adventure, its living life aimlessly. Wandering may take you places but knowledge will get you to even greater ones. 

Going on an adventure isn't nearly as fun if you go it alone. My husband is a homebody and I have the spontaneous spirit. We balance each other out very nicely. I love getting him to try new things while other times he is my voice of reason saying "mmm is that really the best idea". No, not all of my ideas are.

All in all my life has been very blessed and full of  spontaneity. Maybe Belle had meant something else by adventure. Besides hadn't she gotten married in the end and lived happily ever after in a castle? Well so did I, only along side a chicken coop.


  1. I love the lessons you've learned! Adventure is always better with family + friends!

    1. YES! It was the longest year of my life! lol

  2. Great post! It is difficult growing up and settling down! I am used to moving around and I am at the point in my life where I miss my two adorable nieces, they are growing more and more everyday! As much as I want to settle down I get antsy and want to travel and explore! It is fun tho to settle down and take small adventures in the are with the man I love! Great post! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Adventures definitely do not have to take place far from home. Today our adventures took us right in our front yard to get as close as we could to the turtles for some better photos. We failed again. They plopped right in the lake the moment we were 200 yards + away. lol

  4. I absolutely love Beauty and the Beast and know every single word. Life and adventure is definitely what you make it and never quite what we imagined it would be growing up!

  5. We learn so much each day, right? But, awareness has to be there - and you found that - plus I've had a lot of great learning adventures and also enjoy a quiet life so much more now! You little ones are adorable!! Congrats on lessons learned

  6. Seriously, adulting is hard. Please don't make me do it.