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Monday, April 6, 2015

Summer Goals.

 Of course all the other seasons have their perks but summer is by far the best time for the year for me! People come out of hibernating, I see family and friends more, it doesn't take a half an hour JUST to put enough layers on so you don't freeze to death on your way out of the car and most importantly it's finally WARM! The days longer, you feel more energized and HaPpY!

The past two years have been focused on our journey of getting out of debt and stabilizing the house hold budget. Well my friends we are certainly not done with that path but we are to a point where we can finally breath a little and relax with our family.

SO! This brings me to my summer goals of course!

I want to tone up! 

Pregnancy takes it's toll on your body. Lucas is now a year old! (where did the time go?) So now it's time to work on myself and get back in shape. I'm planning on some 5k's this summer and need to build that stamina back up. Don't get that mixed up with loosing weight. I don't look at my weight, I look at results.

Play More:

More cook-outs! More playing in the sprinkler! More visits to Grand Haven! More spending time with Family and Good Friends.

Less T.V.:

This has already started in my house. Just because we are inside, doesn't mean the T.V. needs to be on. Time in the sun and soaking up the Vitamin D.

Pay off My Car:

Yes, this is may take longer than the summer but it's a goal of ours. Dave Ramsey (whom we consult for all our finanical decisions) says to use Gazelle like intensity! (See his The Total Money Makeover for more information, you won't regret it!) So we are setting our sights on knocking out that debt!


  1. Thanks lady for the comment - you are set to no reply blogger so I couldn't answer yoru email back but you should be able to click "add your link" at the bottom of the post and add your link..

    ps. How do you like Gazelle for your financial system? I am debating if it's worth the month.

    1. lol I figured it out. How do I change it so you can reply to my comments? And yes! Get the BOOK! It's completely changed our lives! Best money I've ever spent!

  2. Good goals for the summer! And I LOVE your outlook on getting fit: focus on the way you look and feel NOT the number on the scale! I have so many friends who get discouraged by their weight even though they're shaping up nicely. I always have to remind them that when I was in basic training for the Air Force, I only lost two pounds, but I looked completely different! Healthy over skinny, anyday! Good luck!

    1. Thanks April! I was on my High Schools Wrestling team and was nothing but muscle but I still weighed the same amount as in the off season. It's good to remind people that muscle weighs more than fat, girls can get too discouraged by that scale!